How to increase sperm naturally

How to increase sperm

How to increase sperm

One of the problems that most affect the marital and sexual situation in particular is the low number of sperm, which when underestimated can lead to infertility, and there are many ways to increase sperm, improve sexual health, and increase the chances of pregnancy.

Increase sperm naturally

Quit smoking or taking any drugs or alcohol.
Exercising regularly, maintaining an ideal weight, and not being overweight.
Reduce stress and think more.
Stay away from painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.
Consuming calcium and vitamin D works to increase the vitality of sperm.
Eating fenugreek, as it significantly increases the number of sperm.
Omega 3 is essential for healthy sperm and increasing their number.
Zinc works to increase the quality of sperm.
Increase the male hormone (testosterone) to increase the number of sperm.

Tips to increase sperm count

You should quit smoking or at least cut down.
Do not wear tight underwear.
Sleep enough and not stay up for long hours.
Not eating unhealthy and useless foods.
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