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Increase male hormone naturally and raise testosterone levels

Increase male hormone naturally

Increase male hormone naturally

One of the most sought-after questions by men is how to increase testosterone, and because this hormone is very important for muscle growth and body health, and is also important for sexual relations, building and increasing sperm and increasing their number. In this topic, we will learn how to naturally increase the male hormone and its importance.

The importance of testosterone

Growth of the penis and testicles.
Sperm production and increase in number.
Strengthen the bones.
Increase the muscle mass of the body.
Improve heart health and mental health

Increased testosterone is normal

" Eating healthy food " A healthy diet helps to increase testosterone, such as foods that contain proteins, carbohydrates, and healthy fats.
" Exercise " Sport helps to increase the male hormone significantly and increase erection in men.
" Taking vitamin D " to help increase testosterone or exposure to sunlight to get the vitamin through it.
Zinc enhances sexual health and increases male hormone well.
" Sleep " Sleeping enough, and the number of hours of sleep is not less than 7 hours, because sleeping enough helps to increase testosterone.

Foods to increase testosterone

Fish contain vitamin D, which is important for increasing the male hormone, and among these fish are tuna and salmon.
Meat and chicken are among the most prominent foods to increase testosterone.
Boiled eggs are important for increasing the male hormone and sperm count.
Pomegranate works to adjust the mood and increase testosterone.

Increase male hormone herbal

Ginger improves sperm health and improves fertilization.
Garlic is one of the most important herbs that help in the production of testosterone and increase the number of sperm.