Reasons to prevent ovulation and what is weak ovulation

Reasons to prevent ovulation

Reasons to prevent ovulation

Non-occurrence of ovulation means that the egg does not come out of the ovary at the time specified for it. The chances of pregnancy increase during the days of ovulation, so the day of ovulation must be known by knowing the days of the menstrual cycle and calculating the day of ovulation, and thus the non-occurrence of pregnancy, and we will learn in this topic about the most important reasons for non-occurrence Ovulation and tips that must be available to solve this problem.

Signs of non-ovulation

Menstruation interruption or irregularity.
Fluctuation in body temperature.
Absence of vaginal secretions that occur during ovulation.
Headache and visual disturbances.
Hair growth in places on the body where it is not supposed to grow.
Decreased sexual desire.
Not sleeping normally.

Poor ovulation

A problem with the sperm count

The husband must check the number of sperms to make sure of the number, movement, and the absence of abnormalities, because this affects the occurrence of pregnancy.

fallopian tube _

The condition of the fallopian tubes must be known and whether there is a blockage in it or not, because if there is a blockage, the egg will not be able to meet the sperm and fertilization will not occur.

" polycystic ovaries "

One of the most common reasons for delayed pregnancy, so you must go to the doctor and find out the reason and the method of treatment.

" problems in the womb "

Ensure that there are no problems in the uterus because it is considered one of the causes of delayed pregnancy.

How to increase the chances of pregnancy

Knowing the right ovulation time for you.
Regular menstruation.
Avoid caffeine and smoking.
Take folic acid.
Follow a diet and maintain an ideal weight.
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