Causes and treatment of erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

One of the most common problems that occur during sexual relations is erectile dysfunction, inability to reach an erection, or failure to maintain an erection for a sufficient time during intimacy, and with the increase of this problem, it may cause great psychological and nervous pressure on the man and affect his self-confidence and the existence of problems between him and him. Partner, in this article we will learn about the causes of erectile dysfunction, methods of treatment, and what are the signs that indicate that you have erectile dysfunction.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

High blood pressure and cholesterol.
Obesity and overweight affect erection.
Heart patients and diabetes.
Arteriosclerosis and vascular occlusion.
Sleep and wakefulness disorders.
Low testosterone.
Depression, anxiety and stress.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

Follow a healthy diet.
Playing sports.
Reaching the ideal weight.
Take vitamins that are beneficial for health.

Signs that you have erectile dysfunction

Lack of sexual desire or lust.
Loss of the ability to have an erection.
Not maintaining an erection for a long time.
Stress and fear of intimacy.
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