How do you calculate ovulation days?


How to calculate ovulation days

In this topic, we will learn about the days of ovulation, and during these days intercourse is supposed to occur to increase the chances of conception. The sperm remains alive for up to 5 days, and the egg, after leaving the ovary, remains alive from 12 to 24 hours. When they meet, fertilization takes place and pregnancy occurs.


It is a process that happens to every adult woman, and it occurs when the egg is released from the ovary through the tubes heading to the fallopian tube and is ready for the fertilization process by the sperm. If they do not meet, the egg dies and the menstrual cycle occurs.

ovulation days

This day varies according to the duration of the menstrual cycle.
The woman whose cycle is 28 on the day of ovulation will occur on the 14th day
If you have a cycle of 30 days, ovulation will occur on the 16th day
The woman whose cycle is 26 on the day of ovulation will occur on the 12th day
If you do not understand your ovulation, whatever the duration of your cycle, it will be 14 days before your next period, which means you will see how many days your next period is and subtract 14 from it, for example on the day of the cycle 12/29 we subtract 14 then ovulation will remain on 12/15 and in the home ovulation test it is available in some pharmacies.

Important tips for pregnancy

Intercourse on a regular basis, the chances of pregnancy increase with the increase in intercourse, but on a regular basis, that is, every two days, intercourse occurs and the days of ovulation, after knowing the day of ovulation, intercourse occurs two days before this day, on the same day and thehe chance of sperm reaching the uterus.
Not using industrial moisturizers or vaginal lotion.
Maintaining the ideal weight for ovulation to occur well. day after.
Sleeping on the back after intercourse to increase t

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