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Safe analgesics for pregnant women

Safe analgesics for pregnant women

Safe analgesics for pregnant women

One of the most frequently asked questions by pregnant women is how to use a safe analgesic that does not affect the fetus, and pregnant women need to take analgesics because they are exposed to health factors and problems that require the use of analgesics such as headaches, eye pain, joint pain, and pain resulting from pregnancy in general, so we will learn how to take an analgesic that is safe On you and the fetus.

The best mother's residence for pregnant women

Paracetamol is a good and safe analgesic and has no harm to the fetus. You should avoid taking anti-inflammatory painkillers such as Profen, Voltrene, and Aspirin, except in special cases after consulting a specialist.
Acetaminophen helps to relieve pain related to high fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, but it should not be taken except in cases of severe pain.

Does Panadol affect pregnant women?

Before taking Panadol, you must know which type we will take, because there are many types of Panadol. The best Panadol that can be taken during pregnancy is the blue box because it contains paracetamol, but do not use Panadol if you suffer from these conditions.
low weight
Diseases of the liver and kidneys

Supplements that pregnant women should not take

Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen and aspirin.
Opioid analgesics such as morphine, codeine, and oxycodone.

Effects of analgesics during pregnancy

May lead to miscarriage and loss of the fetus.
High blood pressure and may lead to premature birth.
affect breathing during pregnancy.
Increased incidence of malformations in fetuses.

Tips for maintaining the health of a pregnant woman

Do not drink coffee or tea because caffeine can lead to fetal deformities.
Take folic acid during pregnancy or when preparing for pregnancy.
Not taking vitamin A.
Not eating liver, cinnamon and fenugreek.