The effect of analgesics on the body when overdose

The effect of analgesics on the body

The effect of analgesics on the body

Painkillers are among the best-selling medicines in the world, and they are among the things that help people who have pain to live their lives normally, but misuse or overuse of painkillers will cause a lot of problems in the body.

Effects of analgesics on the human body

  • Severe constipation may occur as a result of digestive disorders.
  • Stomach ulcers and bleeding may occur when over-taking painkillers.
  • Kidney and liver problems.
  • Psychological disorders that may lead to depression.
  • Nausea, severe dizziness and headache.

Relieve pain with natural herbs

  1. "Ginger" works to relieve pain and enhance the body's immunity because it contains a large proportion of vitamins.
  2. Cloves help reduce fever and treat colds, toothaches, headaches and nausea.
  3. "Green tea" protection against cancer and analgesic for pain and inflammation.
  4. Fennel is considered one of the best herbs for relieving pain.
  5. Anise works to greatly relieve pain and remove colds

Advice when taking analgesics

  • Do not take more than one analgesic at the same time, that is, do not take more than one type.
  • Do not overeat and if the pain is minor, there is no need to use painkillers.
  • Refer to the doctor before taking painkillers.
  • Painkillers do not conflict with any other drugs.

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