Types of vitamins and their benefits to the body

The best vitamins for the body

The best vitamins for the body

Vitamins are among the most important sources that the body needs to build muscles and cells and the ability to produce energy. The body obtains these vitamins through food or through a nutritional supplement. We will learn about the types of these vitamins and their benefits within the body.

Types of vitamins and their benefits

  • Vitamin D helps control blood pressure and sugar levels, increase body immunity, protect against osteoporosis, and improve bone growth.
  • Vitamin (B9) folic acid helps treat anemia and the formation of red blood cells.
    It is very important for pregnant women and the safety of the fetus from any deformities.
    Strengthening the nerves
  • Vitamin A helps in the growth of body cells.
    Powerful antioxidant.
    Preserving the eye and the cornea.
    Good for skin health and acne treatment.
  • Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron into the body.
    Helps treat skin problems.
    Strengthening immunity.
    Cold treatment.
    Improve sexual relationship.
  • Calcium is very necessary to treat bone problems and is important for the elderly.
  • Iron treatment of anemia and immunodeficiency within the body.

Foods rich in vitamins

Vitamin D )
  1. salmon.
  2. Tuna.
  3. eggs.
  4. dairy.
  5. Oats.
  6. mushrooms. 

Vitamin C )
  1. orange.
  2. kiwi.
  3. Guava.
  4. Parsley and hot pepper.
  5. Spinach and tomato.
  6. potatoes.
folic acid )
  1. broccoli
  2. spinach.
  3. legumes.
  4. the strawberry.
  5. avocado.

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