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Does sight 6/6 return after LASIK?

Does the mobile phone weaken vision after LASIK surgery?

 Does sight 6/6 return after LASIK?

Yes, vision reaches 6 on 6 after LASIK

LASIK is a surgery to correct nearsightedness , astigmatism, or farsightedness, and dispense with medical glasses. It includes a procedure inside the lens of the eye, and the eye must be in good health so that the vision returns to 6/6 after LASIK and there are no complications.

When the patient has dry eye, LASIK surgery may affect the development of dryness, a feeling of blurry vision, and a burning sensation inside the eye, and the thickness of the cornea must be sufficient to perform corneal reshaping, because when the cornea is thin or thick, the LASIK operation is not performed and the person can perform Other operations such as implanting lenses, and the thickness of the cornea must be about 450 to 500 microns, and this is for the safety of the eye in the future.

While LASIK is used to treat eye refraction and requires the removal of many tissues inside the cornea, which exposes the affected eye to complications when seeing, this operation should only be performed for people over 21 years of age for males, and 19 years of age for females, because visual acuity may increase with this age, and it must Before performing LASIK, vision must be stable.

However, the patient must bear in mind that upon reaching the age of 40, he may need to wear glasses, and this is due to the change of vision in old age every two years, and the eye may develop cataracts.

Does the mobile phone weaken vision after LASIK surgery?

It leads to eye strain, and it is used 24 hours after the operation.

The patient undergoing LASIK vision correction surgery needs to stay away from blue screens and all electronic devices for 24 hours after the operation, as reading messages by browsing on social media poses a danger to the eye that may affect the operation because the patient is still in the recovery stage, and needs time. of comfort to achieve the best results.

However, there are some tips when using a mobile phone, and they must be adhered to after the LASIK procedure to limit the damage to the phone, and these tips include the following:

  • Use drops to prevent dry eyes, which are called (tears substitute), for a period of 2 to 3 months.

  • Do not stare at the phone so that this does not lead to an increase in dry eyes.

  • Using the rule of 20-20-20 after LASIK surgery until the end of life, where the person looks at a distance of six meters, equivalent to 20 feet, for 20 seconds in order to provide the eye with the required rest and not to cause dryness.

  • The distance between the eye and the mobile phone must be between 16 and 30 inches.

  • Use a suitable chair when using the phone.

  • You can use changing the phone settings, using voice control, and also turning on the eyesight protection mode so that the lighting does not affect and strain the eyes.

When does sight become 6 6 after laser?

Vision correction using LASIK has become much easier than surgery, which takes a lot of time, as the patient can return to normal life after 48 hours.

However, there are some side effects that occur during the first 3 hours after the operation, where the patient feels blurry vision, blurriness, and fluctuations in vision, but after that the eye may adapt to the formation of the cornea within 3 to 6 months, and many patients notice halos in the eyes. The eye, especially when driving at night, while these halos disappear within 6 months after LASIK, and there are some red spots or scratches that appear in the white of the eye.

Where the attending physician recommends some advice to patients after the completion of the operation, in order to reach the highest and best desired results, and among these tips are the following:

  • Wear a mask at night for a week, so that the person does not accidentally rub the eye while sleeping.

  •  Use drops to counter inflammation, infection, and dry eyes under your doctor's supervision.
  •  Do not go to areas full of smoke and dust, as these substances may irritate the eyes.
  • Do not put the head in the bathtub or swimming pool, or put it in hot water, so as not to cause eye infections.
  •  Do not apply cosmetics to the eye area for at least a week.
  •  It is necessary to follow up with the doctor in the specified visits, to follow up the process until recovery

How do I know if the LASIK operation failed?

  1. blurry vision
  2.  Difficulty seeing at night.
  3.  Dry or itchy eyes.
  4.  Glare or explosion around lights.
  5. Photosensitive halos.
  6.  Eye pain and discomfort.
  7.  Small red spots in the white of the eye.

Contraindications after LASIK surgery

Rubbing the eyes.

Wet the eye.

Putting on makeup.


strenuous exercises

Keep away from dust and smoke.