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Cupping for sexual weakness



Cupping for sexual

Many men suffer from the problem of impotence, and the problem is the inability of the male organ “penis” to have an erection normally for a sufficient period, or in a more correct sense, a long and normal period, until both spouses feel an orgasm, but this problem causes the spouses not to reach that The required state of intimacy.

Causes of ED

There are many reasons that lead to the problem of impotence, the most important of which is the occurrence of changes in the male hormone , in addition to the presence of disorders in the nerves or blood vessels and muscles in the reproductive system of men, and with the passage of time these problems develop into an erection problem, and therefore these men resort to To physiotherapy to activate the system and muscles again, until the problem ends completely.

It is not required to be treated by natural methods first, as there are usual methods of treatment, which is to go to the doctor who specializes in andrology and get the appropriate treatment, and cupping is considered one of the most natural methods that help in treating impotence with clear results.

The importance of cupping to treat the problem of impotence

Cupping works to get rid of muscle swelling and also gets rid of the problem of blood vessels in the reproductive system, and it also prevents the presence of clots and organic diseases, and in addition to all that, cupping works to activate blood circulation in the body, which helps in treatment of depression or stress, which stimulates the process Nationality.

The benefits of cupping for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

In addition to the therapeutic benefits provided by cupping to treat the problem of impotence as a whole, there are special benefits for treating erectile dysfunction in men in particular, and we can clarify these benefits through the following:

Cupping works to get rid of the effects of nervous pressure and tension in men, as it rid the body of toxins through the exit of bad blood, which greatly helps to prepare the male organ to enter into a relationship without facing any problem of impotence.

Cupping generally helps to stimulate blood circulation in all parts of the body in men, which certainly leads to the arrival and flow of blood naturally to all organs of the body, and thus the blood will naturally reach the reproductive system, and then the problem of impotence will not be faced again.

Cupping also expands the blood vessels by a large percentage, which rid the body of swelling of the muscles and veins that some suffer from in the reproductive system, which protects the man’s body at the time from pain or serious complications.

Cupping also indirectly helps in the treatment of impotence, as cupping works to treat diabetes and pressure diseases, and thus the pressure on the nerves is eliminated and the physical ability begins to improve.

The best placements for cupping to treat impotence

Based on all the benefits that we have mentioned, cupping is considered the best natural remedy for the problem of impotence, but to achieve and apply this treatment, cupping must be placed in the correct places, and these places are as follows:

The first place is just below the neck , and that place helps to get rid of mental tension and headache resulting from daily stresses, while the second place is at the vertebrae corresponding to the stomach, where these places work to dry the body pain greatly and get rid of stomach diseases such as colitis and others. .

– As for the third position, it is at the vertebrae in the lower back, and these positions help in activating the nervous system and getting rid of the feeling of tension, as it stimulates and activates the blood vessels that deliver blood and make it flow to the reproductive system.

– As for the fourth and final position, it is the lower abdomen area, and cupping in that area helps to activate the reproductive system directly, as it works to stimulate blood circulation and veins passing through the man’s reproductive system, which ends the problem of lack of erection naturally.

– Cupping is done in those important places for the treatment of impotence by a specialist, it cannot be done randomly by non-specialists to avoid doing it wrong, so it is done by some specialized doctors and some medical centers that use physical therapy to treat such cases in a guaranteed medical way.