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A magical solution to bad breath naturally without drugs

bad breath naturally without drugs


Ways to get rid of bad breath forever

Some people suffer from bad breath when they wake up, which causes severe inconvenience to some people, and this happens as a result of the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth during sleep .

But bad breath does not have to be when you wake up only, as there are some people who suffer from bad breath all the time, which causes them great embarrassment and they are ignorant of ways to get rid of this annoying smell.

There are ways to get rid of this smell easily, and things that are available to all of us, because the accumulation of bacteria may cause gases, and some things that help get rid of this smell, including:

  •  Cinnamon bark
    It is very useful and has an effective effect on mouth odor, as it contains antibacterial substances that reduce bacterial growth. You just have to put it in your mouth for a few minutes, then remove it from your mouth after you get the benefit from it.

  •    Use honey and cinnamon
They are good for bad breath because they contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in getting rid of dental bacteria, and they also help keep teeth from decay and protect you from bleeding gums .

They are safe to use and do not have any side effects. One of the useful things that help get rid of oral bacteria is mixing warm water with salt. They help reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth and keep it smelling nice and refreshing.

You just have to gargle with it before going out, and the other way is to use cloves. It is known for its strong smell and has many benefits and has antibacterial substances, so it helps reduce its growth in the mouth and get rid of other mouth problems such as tooth decay and bleeding. You just have to chew pieces of cloves and then it becomes a smell The mouth is refreshing.

The fastest remedy for bad breath

If you suffer from bad breath and want to get rid of it quickly and preserve the gums as well, you must follow the following steps, as they are important and effective in preserving the mouth in general :
  • Brush and floss
Since the teeth must be brushed twice a day, in the morning and evening, to maintain them and their cleanliness, and to use the floss once a day.

The next step is rinsing the mouth, as you must rinse the mouth well with a special mouthwash, and it is preferable that it contains materials with a strong smell, such as mint, for example, as it is beautiful and refreshing, and make sure that the mouthwash contains effective materials against dental bacteria.

  • Rinsing
If you want to keep your teeth clean always, rinse after you finish eating any meal, and you should avoid foods that make breath bad, such as garlic and onions, because their smell does not go away even after brushing.

  • chewing gum
Get up after dinner and chew gum, as it works to prevent bacteria from accumulating, so you must chew gum that does not contain sugar. Scrape your tongue as it forms a substance on your tongue, which is bacteria that is not easy to get rid of.

Unless you scrape the tongue and you must quit tobacco, as smoking affects the mouth, whether in the color of the teeth, the bad smell, or the destruction of the gums, in addition to being one of the biggest causes of cancer.

  • stop smoking
If you want to maintain your health in general, try as much as possible to stop smoking and follow up with a specialist to help you with that, and wet your mouth, as the lack of saliva in the mouth causes tooth decay and damage to the tongue, or drink a lot of water or eat sweets without sugar .

An ultimate solution to bad breath in just 1 week

  1. Reduce your meat intake
  2. Cut down on cheese
  3. Reducing fish intake
  4. Not drinking whiskey
  5. brushing teeth
  6. Eat vegetables
  7. Eat herbs