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Treating crooked teeth without braces


crooked teeth


Some people need orthodontics without braces, for several reasons, including those related to age, and others related to the severity of the condition, including what is related to the orthodontics itself and its rejection in particular for reasons related to the affected person, and despite the fact that the time when the results of the orthodontics begin to appear in which the specialist doctor informs the case and its circumstances to  be The injured person is aware of his situation before doing it, and he must explain to the case the difference between transparent, metal, and ceramic braces  , and others if there is a need for that, so that the injured person can choose the best option for him.

Crooked teeth in adults

In the search for a crooked tooth treatment without braces, one finds himself facing several different choices and searches among the types of braces  , to reach the most appropriate one that is compatible with his conditions and his main purpose, and of course the most important purpose that drives people to search for solutions to crooked teeth is the reason aesthetic.

Beauty is an important matter for every person, even if beauty is relative, but crooked teeth, protrusion problems, and other dental problems are the most common causes and problems that people face and push them to search for solutions to them, so that their appearance looks more beautiful, and reduces embarrassment when smiling and laughing among friends.

Crooked teeth have several causes that vary and the causes differ according to what is genetic, or due to problems with the teeth and molars, and because of the way of breathing, or the wrong handling of milk teeth for children, and the child sucking fingers, and pressure on the teeth, and the use of teeth to open packages, and as the reasons vary, the techniques vary. Treatment between Invisalign , and between advanced and simple operations.

Dental treatment without braces

Some may see the need to avoid braces, for several reasons from one’s point of view, which pushes him to refuse braces and seek treatment for crooked teeth without braces, and the matter is especially for those who suffer from severe crooked teeth, and for those who do not like braces in the first place.

Treatment techniques for dealing with crooked teeth are varied, including what is without straightening, which is done by simple cosmetic methods, and some of which are more complex surgeries. The most appropriate method for this matter can be determined according to the condition and extent of the warp

Dress teeth

The dental crowning process is one of the cosmetic operations that the teeth are subjected to, which replaces the transparent braces, Invisalign , and others, and the dental crowning process is one of the common operations, and this type of operation is carried out with a cosmetic concept and aesthetic reasons, and it is one of the ways to treat crooked teeth without braces , and is one of its benefits

  • It is a support for teeth that are not strong, or that have cracks, while protecting the teeth from erosion.
  • A masking process for severely pigmented teeth.
  • A solution to the problem of empty spaces separating the teeth.
  • A radical solution to dental asymmetry.
  • Provide compensation for fractured teeth.
  • A safe, simple, cosmetic technique that is suitable for most people, with the exception of those with coagulation problems or those with an artificial heart valve.

And the procedures of this simple process of crowning the teeth occur, by making an artificial mold that is in reality similar to the shape of the teeth, and then it matches the teeth of the owner of the case in the normal size of his teeth.

 And the specialist doctor gets rid of a little bit of the size of the tooth in what does not exceed seven milligrams of the natural tooth so that it becomes ready to accept the new artificial tooth and fix it on it, and because of the previous clarification of the technique of treating crooked teeth without braces, which is represented by dressing the teeth, the matter will not be done on once.

The doctor performs an examination of the affected tooth and the jawbone around it by x-rays, after which the process of filing the tooth is done so that the teeth are in a state that is suitable for the new size of the crown or the so-called crown, in order to ensure the required support for the tooth after filling it in the event of severe damage to the teeth.

After the dental or crown molds are prepared, which takes several days until the artificial tooth or the new mold is simulated for the old one, it is installed and fixed well to carry out its tasks. , and of porcelain, or of stainless steel, and other materials suitable for jawing.

Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is one of the types of surgeries that can be described or classified as advanced and not as simple as the previous method, which is the method of treating crooked teeth without straightening. For the rest of the teeth, achieving an important result, which is to make the final shape of the person better, which in turn leads to improving the functions of the teeth, in addition to the above, the surgery helps to make the shape of the face, and to present half of the lower jaw in a symmetrical manner.

Those who have severe dental problems that cannot be treated with orthodontics need to perform the surgery, and the person who undergoes this operation must be an adult, at least eighteen years old.

The jaw operation is performed under anesthesia to modify the appearance of the lower or upper jaw, or for both parts, with total anesthesia, and the steps in which the surgery takes place are completed.

And this is done by doing imaging to determine the problem, with 3D imaging and CT scan, and forming the shape and the required adjustments, after complete anesthesia for the case, the specialist doctor makes an incision in the jaw bone, so that it is available for him to move, and the doctor moves the jaw bone to what he wants the final case on .

The bones are fixed in their final position through a medical brace, and they are also called screws, which are medical screws and supports, so that over time the bones that have been moved and fixed later fuse, and all the openings that the specialist doctor makes to perform the surgery are mostly of the internal type , so that it does not have any effect, and most likely the specialist doctor also does not need to make external openings for the operation, except with a few and rare number of cases, and its purpose is more powerful control in dealing with the jaw and bones and moving them, but it is reassuring that these openings are very small To the extent that it is difficult to notice him, or leave a trace.

Treatment of erupting front teeth 

People with dental problems search for solutions, and they may resort to treating crooked teeth without braces, or they resort to braces, and they are also interested in knowing the duration of sporadic braces , and some try to solve this problem in an effective medical way, which differs according to the technology used, and the following are these methods:
  • Laser technology, the laser has several advantages that make it the most preferred by some over other methods, such as solving bacteria and infections problems, thanks to the act of safety that one feels over traditional methods that need anesthesia and make some people nervous from using devices.
  • The cosmetic veneer technique, which relies on carving the teeth and then placing a cosmetic veneer on them, which requires the natural appearance of the teeth so that they look like natural teeth.