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Best dental analgesic

Dental pain is one of the most pains that makes an individual intolerable, and therefore he always searches for any analgesics that contribute to getting rid of these pains, and therefore we present to you today a list of a detailed report issued by pain control centers so that we know the correct ways to prevent dental pain, And until we get to know the best analgesics that you can rely on to relieve toothache without resorting to dental fillings to get rid of the pain.

Best toothache reliever

In the beginning, we must emphasize that the process of choosing an analgesic for dental pain must be done correctly and should not be done without a prescription. Rather, we must be aware of the way in which pain is managed, and it is also preferable to resort to a doctor if the pain persists after taking painkillers. Among these analgesics:

It is one of the most common medicines that contribute to relieving pain, and it is also the most widespread and common, and it is generally dispensed from pharmacies without the need for a medical prescription, and this analgesic is available through tablets and capsules, and you can get it easily, as it is the drug that helps in confronting inflammation and reducing it, It is common and can be used to get rid of the aches and pains associated with toothache.

However, it is not preferable that this drug be used by everyone who suffers from blood thinning problems, and it should not be taken by those who take aspirin, and it should be noted that taking this analgesic frequently may lead to irritation and damage to the stomach, kidneys, and liver, and it has many risks related to cardiovascular diseases. also.

It is also one of the strongest analgesics, which is a well-known brand in the dental world, and many doctors prescribe it to patients. Acetaminophen is available in the form of tablets and liquid gel capsules. It is also available in suspension formulations that can be swallowed. Although it is an analgesic, it does not have anti-inflammatory properties. Many other medicines are also available from it, but it is preferable to refer to the doctor to know the permissible dose, because taking any excessive doses of it may lead to liver damage, and it is not preferable to take it in the event of alcohol consumption.

This drug is not only used for toothache, but also muscle and back pain, and there are those who call it Paracetamol, and it is used continuously in patients who are allergic to NSAIDs, but as we explained in the previous paragraph, it is not preferable to be overdone.

Tradol is also one of the most important medicines for moderate and severe pain, and it is similar to a narcotic in many cases. It is an opioid analgesic that contributes to the central nervous system relieving pain. It also works in the brain. It is suitable for both those who suffer from respiratory problems, or Asthma problems and obstruction in the stomach and intestines, and sometimes it may have various common side effects such as dizziness, headache, drowsiness, nausea, constipation and stomach pain.

This drug is one of the most important drugs that are used to relieve toothache, as it works to relieve mild and moderate pain, and it is another type of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory that contributes to reducing pain, but what it lacks is that it has many common side effects, including indigestion And diarrhea, as this drug may lead to drowsiness and nasal obstruction, in addition to high blood pressure, and therefore it is not recommended to take it many times, because it may cause stroke and heart attack.

Also, this drug is a mixed drug between paracetamol and codeine phosphate, so doctors prescribe it for pain relief, but in the short term, and it may lead to a reduction in the production of pain receptors in the brain, and this may lead to vomiting, dizziness and drowsiness, and therefore it should not be done Take co-codamol if you are allergic to paracetamol and codeine, especially when you suffer from breathing depression, asthma or liver failure.

It is also one of the most important analgesics that are used to get rid of toothache, and it is a non-steroidal antibiotic because it contributes to reducing swelling, and it also contributes to relieving pain, in addition to that it may lead to many infections in the body, and doctors often prescribe it to treat Bursitis or gout problems, and it may work mainly in the treatment of toothache, especially in the case of a history of allergic reactions and anti-inflammatory drugs, but you should not take the doses more often and at periods other than the one for which the treatment was prescribed, as taking it incorrectly It may cause stroke or heart attack.

Ketoprofen is also one of the most important medications that are relied upon to relieve toothache, and it is another type of anti-inflammatory through which you can get rid of those pains, but it may result in some intestinal disorders that lead to problems and a feeling of stomach pain, and therefore it should also not be To use ketoprofen in the event that you have asthma, and it is best to read the medical leaflet that comes with the medicine in order to confirm the warnings and contraindications for use.

Different methods of pain relief

Although many medications are effective, alternative pain relief points can be used to obtain temporary relief. These methods include:
  • You should avoid various cold or hot foods and drinks, because they contain sugars
  • Dental floss should be used to remove any leftovers on a daily basis
  • Teeth must be cleaned on a daily basis with the appropriate paste
  • You must rely on the use of water and salt mouthwash on a daily basis
  • You can rely on clove oil to relieve toothache
  • In the event of a toothache, it is preferable to raise your head during sleep in order to relieve pressure
  • It is preferable to change the type of toothpaste, as it may not be suitable for your gums
There are various cases in which the doctor must be consulted in order to determine the appropriate medication or housing that is appropriate and commensurate with the health condition, but in the event that you cannot go to the doctor, it is better to read the medication leaflet in order to identify the warnings and repercussions that may result from the use This medicine, but if you use the analgesic more than once and you don't feel any better, you have no choice but to go to the doctor.