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Erection during sleep does it indicate the safety of the man

 Erection during sleep

Erection during sleep does it indicate the safety of the man

Yes, an erection during sleep may be a sign of a man's well-being. During periods of sleep, there is a general increase in the activity of the same parasympathetic system, and this slows down the man's heart rate and may relax his muscles, and the person begins in a state of deeper dreams. It is also What sparks the development of nocturnal erections in the brain, so nocturnal erection is not the result of unintentionally touching the penis or because of the presence of erotic dreams, but all this is related to the nervous system, and there is no real reason for the occurrence of nocturnal erections, as it is considered just a condition that occurs as a secondary result of natural stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system during the night hours.

Is a morning erection necessary?

No, it is also normal for some men to wake up sometimes without an erection. The absence of a morning erection may not mean anything dangerous at the health level, but it may be a sign for a certain group that it is evidence of erectile dysfunction, in the event that this occurs due to physiological problems represented by problems Nerves or blood vessels should refer to the attending physician.

Since an erection is caused by many factors, it is important to speak to a doctor if you notice signs of impotence or a lack of an erection in the morning, not even occasionally. This happens often, it may be a complex physiological or psychological problem, and here it is better to talk to the doctor about this matter, most of the time, the lack of morning erection or persistent ED can be resolved by making some changes in Diet, lifestyle, or medication.

Reasons for frequent erections during sleep

Until now, scientists are not sure of the cause of the frequent occurrence of erections during sleep, but it has been clarified that taking a lot of sleeping pills can help in a lot of erections in the long term, that the occurrence of an erection works to protect the tissues in the penis to remain soft and extended, as well It stimulates the smooth muscles of the penis to be in a relaxed state, and this allows the blood to rush in, and this keeps the penis in an erect state when the man is awake. Without this regular event at bedtime, the muscles may contract greatly, and eventually, a shortening may occur. in the length of the erect penis.

Is the lack of a day or night occurrence a problem

If the erection does not occur, whether day or night, frequently, then this is not necessarily abnormal. It is also possible that the erection has begun to fade before even waking up, so he does not know any details about the matter.

In general, night erection decreases with age, but if no man does not wake up at least a few times with an erection, then it may be time to visit a specialized doctor just to follow up and be reassured, and this may happen frequently in adolescents and young people much more than the elderly .
An incomplete morning erection may indicate the possibility of a problem with the blood vessels or nerves. This may also indicate erectile dysfunction, a common condition in which a person is unable to obtain or maintain an erection firm enough to engage in sexual activity. normal marital relationship.

In this case, the attending physician may request a complete health history to avoid any of the other possibilities, such as obstructive sleep apnea, a condition that can affect the erection. The physician may also recommend a diagnostic sleep study known as a polysomnogram. 

What causes morning erection

 Morning erection occurs for two main reasons:
  • Because of the hormones: Norepinephrine is the hormone that counteracts the effects of nitrogen hormones, and these are the hormones that strengthen the erection. .
  • Bladder fullness: A full bladder during the night can cause a reflex to prevent urination. An enlarged bladder may press on the sacral nerves, which are responsible for erection, which may cause a reflexive erection. This erection can also last until morning or until urination.

cause of erectile dysfunction

  1. old men.
  2. Having prostate problems.
  3. Having type 2 diabetes.
  4. High blood pressure.
  5. The presence of high levels of fat.
  6. Using types of medications, such as both antidepressants and diuretics.
  7. Abuse of alcohol or drugs.
  8. Exercising the habit of smoking.

How to maintain a healthy erection

  • Maintain a healthy weight.
  • Avoid high blood pressure and high cholesterol.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Do Kegel exercises.
  • Maintain testosterone levels.
  • Avoid stimulants.