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Treatment of itching in sensitive areas for married women


itching sensitive areas

Treatment of itching in sensitive areas for married women

  • Stop using soap.
  • Review your choice of sanitary pads.
  • Use an anti-itch cream.
  • Put some medical Vaseline on.
  • Treating yeast infections with recurrent infections.
  • Take a warm bath.
  • Use cold compresses.
It is common for women to show symptoms of allergy and itching in the intimate area at some time in their lives. You have probably had it before or are now suffering from itching and are looking for a way to control it. Here are some treatments and methods used to reduce the feeling of itching:

Stop using soap : Some types of soap may cause you sensitivity and itching in the sensitive area, Dr. Shaffer says: (changing one of the products you use daily may make a huge difference), you can use anti-allergic soaps, you should review the type of soap that you use in the shower .

Review your choice of sanitary pads : If you use sanitary pads that contain fragrances, you may be allergic to them and make you feel itchy, says Dr. Shaffer: (If you feel itchy, especially during your period, choose sanitary pads that are not scented, or made of organic materials).

Use a cream to combat itching : There are some creams that help you get rid of vaginal itching , which are dispensed without a prescription, such as Vagisil cream, as it forms a protective layer on your skin to relieve skin irritation, and you can use it with itching caused by the use of antibiotics, or itching that caused by secretions.

Apply a little Vaseline : You may feel more burning when urinating, so you can apply a layer of Vaseline and then wash it after urinating and wipe gently, but if you have a yeast infection, Vaseline may make it worse, but Vaseline Aquafor allows the skin to breathe. It is harmless with yeast infections and soothes the skin.

Treatment of yeast infection with recurrent infections : Many women may think that itching is caused by a yeast infection, but this is not true every time, as it may have other causes, but in the event that you suffered from yeast infection in the past, you can use to combat yeast infection the over-the-counter treatment. A prescription, especially if you are now experiencing the same symptoms as before.

Enjoy a warm bath : A warm water bath may provide you with relaxation, but with itching, it is a very gentle soothing for itching, especially if you add Epsom salt to your bath, and you should dry the vaginal area after a warm bath well using a cold hair dryer.

Use cold compresses : You can use an ice bag or cooling pads to calm the area, but with a cloth barrier such as a towel or a piece of underwear, as direct use may cause increased skin irritation, and fortunately, cold compresses do not require a prescription.

Causes of vaginal itching

  1. Daily chemical products.
  2. incontinence.
  3. some skin diseases.
  4. fungal infection
  5. Bacterial vaginosis.
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  7. Pubic lice.
  8. Pre-menopause.
  9. Stress and nervous tension.
  10. Vaginal cancer.
Chemical products used daily : We use daily some products that may come into contact with sensitive organs and cause skin irritation and itching because they contain alcohol, dyes, perfumes, and other skin irritants. Here are some of these products that you should avoid getting into the vagina: 

  • Soap, liquid bath soap, and bubble bath.
  • Feminine sprays.
  • vaginal douche
  • Topical contraceptives.
  • Creams, ointments, and various topical lotions.
  • detergent.
  • Toilet paper containing perfume.
  • Scented sanitary pads.

You should see a doctor just in case

The itching continues for more than a week, or it is accompanied by some other symptoms, such as:
  1. The appearance of ulcers or blisters in the genital area.
  2. Pain in the genitals.
  3. Redness or swelling of the genital area.
  4. Vaginal secretions that change shape, color, and smell from normal.
  5. Feeling restless during sexual intercourse.