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Top questions about omega-3 pills


questions about omega-3 pills

What are the benefits of omega 3

There are many health benefits of omega-3, as it is an essential part of cell membranes in the body, and even affects cell receptors in these membranes. It may also bind to receptors on cells responsible for regulating genetic function. It has an important role in manufacturing hormones that regulate blood clotting, contraction and relaxation of arteries, and inflammation. 

Not only that, but omega-3 helps prevent many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, strokes, rheumatoid arthritis, some types of cancer, control of lupus and eczema, and many others.
Numerous studies and research have also indicated the role of omega-3 in improving memory, enhancing brain functions, and reducing mood swings and depression.

What are the benefits of omega 3 for women

In addition to the general benefits of omega-3, it provides some other benefits for women, the most important of which are the following: 
  • Reducing the pain associated with the menstrual cycle.
  • Helping prevent osteoporosis, and therefore essential for menopausal women.
  • in reducing depression.
  • Reducing the risk of gynecological cancers, such as ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and breast cancer.

Does Omega 3 improve erection?

Omega 3 helps treat erectile dysfunction caused by atherosclerosis, as these people suffer from a relatively lack of oxygen in the tissues of the penis due to fatty plaques in the tissues of the penis that prevent enough blood flow to cause an erection. Omega-3 fatty acids help increase blood flow along with improvements in biological markers of inflammation.

Omega-3 also helps treat erectile dysfunction associated with depression, as it greatly helps in treating depression.

Some studies also indicated that there are many other benefits of omega-3 for men, which include the following: 
  1. Boost testosterone levels.
  2. Increase the number, volume and quality of sperm.
  3. Better development of the genitals (testicle enlargement).
  4. Prostate cancer prevention. 

How many omega 3 tablets a day for memory

In general, the number of times to take omega-3 pills is determined by the concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in each type. As international organizations recommend eating at least 250 mg - 500 mg per day for adults. While the maximum allowable dose is 5000 mg. 
Also, to obtain omega-3 results for memory, it must be noted the necessity of long-term use in order to obtain the required omega-3 concentrations in brain cell tissues, to improve cognitive abilities, memory, and other brain functions.

How do I know if I have an Omega 3 deficiency?

There are some signs and symptoms that may indicate an omega-3 fatty acid deficiency, the most important of which are: 
  • Feeling constantly tired.
  • Poor memory.
  • Mood swings or depression.
  • heart problems.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Weakness of the body's immune system (frequent disease and various infections and infections).

When is the best time to take omega 3?

You can take an omega-3 supplement at any time throughout the day, but it's best to take it with food. Also, eating omega-3 with fatty or fatty meals may help it to be absorbed better. To get the most benefit, it is recommended to divide your omega-3 intake into two daily doses, with food.

What are the side effects of omega 3 pills

  • unpleasant taste.
  • nausea.
  • Diarrhea.
  • headache.
  • burning sensation
While taking high doses of omega-3 supplements may lead to some health risks, the most important of which may be the following: 
  • Reduction of Blood pressure.
  • Blood thinning, excessive bleeding in the case of injuries, or an increased risk of bruising.
  • overweight.
  • High blood sugar level.