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How do I know that the egg exploded and fertilized

the egg exploded and fertilized

How do I know that the egg exploded and fertilized

Feeling a slight pain in the uterus, or the descent of simple drops of blood.

Some people may not show any symptoms indicating the implantation of the sperm in the egg, but these symptoms may occur to some people, but it is not necessary that these signs be an indication of the occurrence of implantation, or the occurrence of pregnancy, so it must be ascertained if there is a pregnancy By taking a home pregnancy test or a digital pregnancy test in an analysis laboratory.

What are the signs that an egg has not been fertilized?

Menstrual bleeding.
When the egg does not fertilize, it descends during the usual menstrual period for the female, and this is evidence that no pregnancy has occurred, and the pain of ovulation is similar to the pain of the menstrual cycle, but it precedes it by about two weeks.

Can the egg be fertilized and pregnancy not occur?

Yes, fertilization can take place, but implantation does not occur and the egg descends in the cycle normally.

Pregnancy occurs after the implantation of the sperm in the egg in the fallopian tube, and this does not happen immediately after sex, but after hours or even days, and implantation is the first stage that causes pregnancy to occur from several other stages, which is related to the days of ovulation in the female, which when When she is ready, she heads towards the fallopian tube, waiting for fertilization to occur.
After the egg is fertilized, it moves down the fallopian tube and then divides into many cells, then moves to the uterus to attach to the wall of the uterus, about a week after fertilization has occurred, and implantation may not occur with that, and this fertilized egg descends and the menstrual period comes.
And what is known as the explosion occurs, which is the division of cells.

Does ovulation pain disappear after fertilization of the egg?

No, it can last for two days.

Ovulation may come with some symptoms such as minor vaginal bleeding or vaginal discharge , and ovulation pain may be severe to the extent that medication is required, but this is not common in all cases, as it occurs in 40% of women, and this pain is usually felt below The abdominal area, and on the right or left side, depending on where ovulation occurs.

Signs of fertilization and implantation of the egg

  • Change in secretions.
  • Low body temperature for one day.
  • Minor vaginal bleeding.
  • Feeling some cramps.
  • The appearance of early pregnancy symptoms.

Not everyone may suffer from what is known as implantation symptoms, but these missed symptoms are common symptoms of implantation in some people, and the most important things you should know about these symptoms are the following:

Change in secretions:  Some people may experience, when implantation occurs, a slight change in the shape of their usual vaginal secretions, as they may become thicker and darker in color than usual, but this is not common.

Low body temperature for one day: This symptom is not common for all women, because whoever notices it is the one who measures his body temperature with the BBT scale, which shows a slight drop in temperature that may last for only one day.

Simple vaginal bleeding: It may happen that some cases have slight vaginal bleeding, which is known as implantation bleeding, and it occurs after the fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus, and it is a few simple drops of blood, but it cannot be considered a common symptom of implantation because it can be confused with The onset of menstruation or between it and abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Feeling some cramps: It may happen that some cases feel some cramps that are similar to the cramps that occur with the start of the menstrual cycle with the occurrence of implantation.

Appearance of early pregnancy symptoms: We cannot consider these signs to be signs of pregnancy, as the occurrence of fertilization does not necessarily mean pregnancy, and among the common early signs of pregnancy are the following:

  1. Late period.
  2. Feeling sick.
  3. frequent urination.
  4. feeling lethargic
  5. swollen breasts 
  6. Minor vaginal bleeding.
  7. mood swings

When does pregnancy appear after the rupture of the egg?

Several days after implantation.

The fertilized egg penetrates the wall of the uterus until it establishes itself, which is known as the implantation process, and the implantation process takes several days from 6 to 12 days from the date of fertilization of the egg.

Pregnancy can be confirmed by a home pregnancy test that detects a hormone known as the hormone (hCG), a hormone that is secreted due to the growth of the placenta, and this does not happen until after implantation has occurred in the lining of the uterus.

The duration of the appearance of this hormone differs from one person to another, because the duration of implantation varies from time to time, in order for the placenta hormone to become definitively evident, it must be several days after the menstrual cycle is delayed, so that we can be certain of the presence of pregnancy or not.